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As the world becomes more aware of the need for sustainable change to save ourselves and our planet, the need for transformation of the food system is also increasing. True pricing is a growing theme on the national and international level among companies, governments, consumers and scientists, as a solution towards a sustainable food system.


The true price is the market price plus the social and environmental costs of a product. True pricing is an effective instrument to make products more sustainable, by structurally decreasing social and environmental damage in the value chain. We aim to do so by showing and improving the true price of products. The objective of true pricing is not to make products more expensive, but to make them more sustainable. True pricing adheres to universal rights (e.g. labor and environmental rights) and the responsibilities to respect those rights


With true pricing we stimulate a sustainable global economy in which ‘hidden’ social and environmental costs in the value chain become visible. True pricing can be used by different stakeholders in the production and consumption process.

  • Consumers – transparency allows consumers to make more sustainable decisions and voluntarily pay the true price
  • Businesses – transparency allows for improving sustainable production processes and strategies
  • Governments – transparency in local, national and preferably international economies allow for implementing better policies and regulations.

When all stakeholders are incentivized to pay the true price, then infringements on human and natural rights can be restored, compensated and/or prevented. True pricing aims to minimize, and eventually eliminate, social and environmental harm from production and consumption processes so we can produce and consume within the planetary boundaries.

global partnership on the true price of food stakeholders