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We develop the principles and norms and calculation standard for the true pricing method.


Food Public Private Partnership

In collaboration with Wageningen University, Bionext, Rabobank, ABN AMRO and topsectoren Agri-food and Horticulture we run a multi-year program to harmonize and standardize the method to calculate true prices in the food sector.


Standard Councils

We maintain a network of academicians and stakeholders that reviews the True Price method, in collaboration with Impact Economy Foundation.


True Price and Wageningen Economic Research developed six natural capital modules for the true price assessment of agri-food products within the PPS True and Fair Price for Sustainable Products. Each impact-specific module contains the key methodological aspects to measure and value one specific environmental impact of agri-food products and value chains:

•  Land use, land use change, biodiversity and ecosystem services

•  Contribution to climate change

•  Air, soil and water pollution

•  Soil degradation

•  Scarce water use

•  Fossil fuel and other non-renewable material depletion

The six natural capital modules will be complemented by seven social and human capital modules. All the impact-specific modules methodologically follow the Valuation framework for true pricing of agri-food products, which contains the theoretical framework, normative foundations and valuation guidelines, and the Assessment Method for True Pricing of Agri-Food products, which contains modelling guidance and requirements for scoping, data and reporting.

Together, these documents present a method that can be used for true pricing of agri-food products, and potentially other products as well.

Please, find the modules below.